The Problems

  • The customer was wheelchair bound and had no way to safely and enter the home that they just purchased, as the entry locations sat above ground level.
  • The ground moving from the driveway to the garage had a large lip that would prevent a smooth transition for a wheelchair to roll into the garage.
  • As this new home had multiple levels, the customer had no way to safely travel from the main level of the home to the lower level.
  • The two bathrooms had no safety products for the customer to utilize for shower or toiletry purposes, making it very dangerous for them daily.

The Solutions

SOS Group performed a Free Safety Assessment at the newly purchased home, prior to the customers moving in. From this assessment, we were able to come up with the following solutions.

  • For a safe transition for wheelchair access in and out of the home, we installed an aluminum modular ramp system. The ramp was installed at an ADA compliant 1:12 slope, allowing the customer to operate with ease. The toe guard and railings throughout make it safe for anyone to utilize the ramp.
  • For smooth wheelchair transition in and out of the garage, we installed a one-inch rubber threshold ramp.
  • To make it so that our customers could safely travel all levels of the home, we installed a Handicare Stairlift. The stairlift is very compact, allowing others to trave the staircase without any interference.
  • For full safety measurements throughout the bathrooms, we installed numerous knurled gripped grab bars. They allow the users to safely get in and out of the shower, as well as sit and stand safely on the toilets.

The results

After implementing these solutions, our customers can enjoy their new home safely, while not interfering with other family members or guests. All work was performed in one day, so it did not interfere with the move in in any way. Our customers are very happy with the results, and they are now able to stay “Home for A Lifetime”.